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A propos – take advantage of light to master gems

Knowledge by using the light, this is how spectroscopy can be defined. Most of what we know about atoms and molecules comes from studying their interactions with the light. The results of these interactions provide various kinds of information depending on the considered region of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Gemology is the science studying the gemstones, spectroscopy is among the available tools used in the gemology field one of the most powerfull. Spectroscopy provides many details about crystal lattice and molecular structure, helping to identify the mineral species. Spectroscopy also provides a lot of information about electronic configuration and interactions that play a major role in explaining the cause of the color in gemstones. In addition to these material's intrinsic information, in particular cases, spectroscopy can be helpful to determine the geographic origin, the synthetic origin, and it can unveil some indications pertaining to enhancements of the treated gemstones as well.