Beryl - UV-Vis spectra

Green emerald – 3.60 ct crystal – Shakiso area, Ethiopia

uvvis  emerald 360C  green  ShakisoArea Ethiopia

Vivid slightly-bluish-green emerald – 0.83 ct – (Kenticha, Ethiopia)

uvvis  emerald 083  vivid-slightly-bluish-green  (Kenticha Ethiopia)This stone was reported to be from Kenticha in Ethiopia, but the stone's data are not consitent with the published data about Ethiopian emerald.

Blue-green emerald – 1.03 ct – Kafubu, Zambia

uvvis  emerald 103  blue-geen  Kafubu Zambia

Synthetic purplish-pink morganite – 2.10 ct – Australia

uvvis  morganite 210  purplish-pink  synthetic Australia